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SEESA Chatter Boxes

New Cross 275kV Substation -  24/07/2017  The final circuit has been energised on time at New Cross a fantastic effort by all involved over the past 5 years well done all. David Ridgwell

New Cross 275kV Substation -  20/04/2017  A significant day for New Cross, NG have run HVSCC 1981, removing the last two Mesh Corners. Well done to the site staff, for all the arduo Simon Moore

New Cross 275kV Substation -  07/12/2016  Wimbledon 2 cct energised early (06/12/16) ERTS called due to fault on Wimbledon 1 cct fantastic effort by all. David Ridgwell

Bramford -  02/12/2016  Many thanks to Bramford and Leiston for donating to the Food Banks. Donations passed over to FIND today who were very grateful :) Jacquie Leppard

New Cross 275kV Substation -  01/12/2016  SGT1 returned to service on time, only one more to go this year. David Ridgwell

Bramford -  23/11/2016  STOP PRESS. Bramford Case Study published on The Considerate Constructors Website Jacquie Leppard

Leiston -  18/11/2016  Fantastic SHEs Tour yesterday, Thomas Faulkner and Ian Cartwright scored the site 3. Credit to all and take great pride from this! Adam Waite

New Cross 275kV Substation -  15/11/2016  Shunt Reactor 5 returned to service on time. David Ridgwell

Bramford -  09/11/2016  Considerate Constructors 2nd site visit 45 out of 50, 9 in all areas and marked as exceptional. We have tried to get that 10, well done all Jacquie Leppard

Leiston -  08/11/2016  Thank you to the Leiston massive who have donated to the Food Bank. I will take to Saxmundham Food Bank, part of the Trussel Trust early DEC Jacquie Leppard

Bramford -  08/11/2016  Thank you to everyone who has donated to the Food Bank. Closing date is 25th Nov. I will then take to FIND (Families In Need Ipswich). Jacquie Leppard

New Cross 275kV Substation -  02/11/2016  SGT1 & SR5 AC HV cable test complete and passed. David Ridgwell

Stokenchurch -  21/10/2016  Thanks to Littlebrook, Tilbury, New Cross and Sellindge for taking part in the recent SeeSAFETY Sessions. Other sites to follow! Caroline Dugard

Bramford -  14/10/2016  A film star is made, Tony Bryson recorded given pre-task briefings for Skanska aided by the one and only Steve Wright Wright Jacquie Leppard

Leiston -  14/10/2016  Successful delivery of the transformer from Lowestoft with police escort, didn't enrage the locals too much! Jacquie Leppard

New Cross 275kV Substation -  14/10/2016  Fascinating NG VSL visit scored the site 1. I think we all learned a great deal from this visit. Barry Withington

Bramford -  27/09/2016  Since February 2010, 719,299 man hours have been worked at Bramford Substation with no LTI's. Jacquie Leppard

New Cross 275kV Substation -  26/09/2016  Traveling community moved on last night without incident. Barry Withington

New Cross 275kV Substation -  21/09/2016  Another senior visit results in 2 : 2. A prial of top scores for the team. Well done to Richard Stone on surviving the caravan chicken run! Barry Withington

New Cross 275kV Substation -  16/09/2016  History made - the first London Mesh Corners’ to be decommissioned in a couple of decades! Barry Withington

New Cross 275kV Substation -  06/09/2016  Glennan Blackmore (Skanska Ops Director) site visit. Scored the site 2: 2. Well done again. Barry Withington

New Cross 275kV Substation -  01/09/2016  Works in progress - ShR5 HV cable pull complete with SGT1 pull to follow this weekend. Wiring mods and of course the obligatory rig erection Barry Withington

New Cross 275kV Substation -  01/09/2016  NG and SEESA LPM (Rizwan and Steve) site tour scored the site 2 : 2. A big thanks to me oh and the site team of course. Barry Withington

Bramford -  31/08/2016  Check out Considerate Constructors Best Practice Hub for some great ideas. You may even see 2 from Bramford! Jacquie Leppard

Leiston -  11/08/2016  SeeSAFETY Meeting No 2, some great sharing of Good Practices. Loving the Safety Circle. Reviewed Bramford's latest minutes. Jacquie Leppard

Iron Acton Substation -  27/07/2016  In summary, Old SGT out, Old Bund Out, New Bund in. New SGT was delivered 24/07/16 and is moving to its final resting place on the plinth. Martin Shaw

Leiston -  19/07/2016  NG Safety Tour with Jim Brown, site awarded a + 2 Jacquie Leppard

New Cross 275kV Substation -  14/07/2016  Excellent safe system of work observed today re: asbestos removal at Wimbledon remote end. Barry Withington

Leiston -  14/07/2016  Steel fixing for transformer bund underway. Bit breezy by the sea today!! Jacquie Leppard

Bramford -  14/07/2016  Busbar connection outage underway - 1st section of busbar installed and under vacuum Jacquie Leppard

Sellindge 400kV Substation  -  12/07/2016  Worlds first HV test of Gcubed GIB completed ok. Dave Carson

Leiston -  07/07/2016  First bit of blinding going in for transformer bund, ready for steel fixers on Monday Jacquie Leppard

New Cross 275kV Substation -  05/07/2016  National Grids Stop for Safety site visit from the new South East SPM, Matt Ray, scored the site a respectable 1:2. Barry Withington

New Cross 275kV Substation -  04/07/2016  SGT4 returned to service on time. Great effort as this circuit was critical for National Grid down stream. Barry Withington

Bramford -  29/06/2016  SEESA Summer Roadshow at Bramford on 28th June was well received and some great feedback. Happy customers. Jacquie Leppard

Bramford -  24/06/2016  Preparation works underway for next week's Busbar connections. All flanges finely torqued. Jacquie Leppard